Glad that you were encouraged. Bill didn't have an easy time during treatment and actually wound up in the hospital during week six after developing a fever and low blood counts. But he just seemed to get better after that and never looked back. I don't know if the extra IV hydration made a difference or the antibiotics or him just being a tough guy, but he just quit needing the pain meds at week 7 and never looked back. In fact, he went off the fentenyl patch and didn't want the liquid morphine and had about three days that he couldn't sleep from the withdrawal.

It was a glorious day in October when we delivered those cases of Nutren to the RO's office...we were so glad to be rid of them and so happy that someone could use them. I tried to return them to the company but they said just to donate them.

Sorry to hear about your Mom...I hope that it was just a little warning stroke and she can take some meds to ward off more. Caregivers are under a lot of stress that we don't communicate..we feel lots of pressure to make good takes a toll.

Hugs, Deb

Deb..caregiver to husband, age 63 at diagnosis, former smoker who quit in 1997.
DIAGNOSIS: 6/26/07 SCC right tonsil/BOT T4N0M0
TREATMENT START: 8/9/07 cisplatin/taxol X 7..IMRT twice daily X 31.5.
PEG OUT: 1/08
PORT OUT: 4/09
FOLLOWUP: Now only annual exams. ALL CLEAR!

Passed away 1/7/17 RIP Bill