If it doesn't hurt, and the water flows in easily, I bet you're good. Mine really hurt when I flushed it and I had to use the syringe to really push the water down while at first it was completely painless and the water just poured in.

Good luck tomorrow, with both the RT and the Home Infusion. And bear in mind that what happened with my tube is very uncommon. I just have to be special in my own way smile

- margaret

Stage IV SCC lt lateral tongue, surgery 5/19/08 (partial gloss/upper neck dissection left side/radial free flap reconstruction) IMRT w/weekly Cisplatin & Erbitux 6/30/08, PEG 1 6/12/08 - out 7/14 (in abdominal wall, not stomach), PEG 2 7/23/08 - out 11/20/08, Tx done 8/18/08
Second SCC tumor, Stage 1, rt mobile tongue, removed 10/18/2016, right neck dissection 12/9/2016
Third SCC tumor, diagnosed, 4/19/2108, rt submandibular mass, HPV-, IMRT w/ weekly Cisplatin, 5/9 - 6/25/2018, PEG 3 5/31/2018