Thanks for the advice. I was hoping to increase my exercise but until this week the PEG hadn't healed up. This has happened so fast -- in less than a month; Neck dissection, Tonsillectomy, PEG and RT!

My RT is at noon, and about an hour later I get tired for about six hours then I seem better. But by then it is night! I was hoping I wouldn't have any significant effects for couple more weeks.

I understand in my case they have to radiate a large field. Maybe that makes a difference. They have told me it will get real bad:(

They gave me ten cases of Nutren and said I could both drink it and pour it down the tube. Also got some sample of Carnation Breakfast Plus (not VHC), Ensure Plus and Boost -- I ask if they have any VHC.

TXN2bM0 Stage IVa SCC-Occult Primary
FNA 6/6/08-SCC in node<2cm
PET/CT 6/19/08-SCC in 2nd node<1cm
HiRes CT 6/21/08
Exploratory,Tonsillectomy(benign),Right SND 6/23/08
PEG 7/3/08-11/6/08
35 TomoTherapy 7/16/08-9/04/08 No Chemo
Clear PET/CT 11/15/08, 5/15/09, 5/28/10, 7/8/11