Kathleen, either just post them here or start a thread on 'PEG tricks' so it's easy to find in archives.

On my first PEG, I had a neck strap that came with some flash memory that had a quick-disconnect. I rigged that up to the PEG and it kept it pointing up and handy for use. Current PEG is too rigid and points down, but doesn't leak so I haven't done anything special yet.

Age 67 1/2
Ventral Tongue SCC T2N0M0G1 10/05
Anterior Tongue SCC T2N0M0G2 6/08
Base of Tongue SCC T2N0M0G2 12/08
Three partial glossectomy (10/05,11/05,6/08), PEG, 37 XRT 66.6 Gy 1/06
Neck dissection, trach, PEG & forearm free flap (6/08)
Total glossectomy, trach, PEG & thigh free flap (12/08)
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