Thanks for your concern and good advice. I had an appointment today with my Dietitian for PEG check and training. My PEG is just fine - I was just letting my imagination run wild!

I took my friend Betty with me as my backup. The Dietitian helped us dump a can of Nutren down the tube then flush it. I am to start taking two cans a day. Hopefully I can get over my PEG phobia and if not Betty will force me to just do it.

I remain concerned about Margaret. Hope they can fix her tube without any problems since I think she might really be needing it soon.

Also started my RT today. One down thirty-four to go. The mask felt like it was crushing my larynx (Adam's apple). So today was also my first day using the dental molds and fluoride. That went fine.

TXN2bM0 Stage IVa SCC-Occult Primary
FNA 6/6/08-SCC in node<2cm
PET/CT 6/19/08-SCC in 2nd node<1cm
HiRes CT 6/21/08
Exploratory,Tonsillectomy(benign),Right SND 6/23/08
PEG 7/3/08-11/6/08
35 TomoTherapy 7/16/08-9/04/08 No Chemo
Clear PET/CT 11/15/08, 5/15/09, 5/28/10, 7/8/11