On your advice I did buy a couple of cases of the VHC which I was drinking until this weekend. I think it may be a little too thick to put down the PEG though. Also, my insurance covers the Jevity (or as a friend has dubbed it, the "Levity") but not the VHC - so I think I'll save it until I can handle things by mouth again. As far as the swallowing, yes! I am still swallowing as much as possible and met with my swallow therapist today. We talked about which exercises I still should be doing, coordinating them with when I take any painkillers and just general swallowing stuff. She is absolutely terrific!


I may have been a little stubborn about not using the PEG and waited a little too long. Of course, I didn't have one for a bit, and after the new one was put in, I wasn't sure if I should use it right away. I have started having serious mucous build up now which didn't start until the end of last week, but Robitussen is helping tremendously. I just got some of the Lidocaine gel today and will try it out soon. The mouth sores are getting pretty bad.

I think its great that you went out with friends! The more you can do "normal" stuff, the better!

- Margaret

Stage IV SCC lt lateral tongue, surgery 5/19/08 (partial gloss/upper neck dissection left side/radial free flap reconstruction) IMRT w/weekly Cisplatin & Erbitux 6/30/08, PEG 1 6/12/08 - out 7/14 (in abdominal wall, not stomach), PEG 2 7/23/08 - out 11/20/08, Tx done 8/18/08
Second SCC tumor, Stage 1, rt mobile tongue, removed 10/18/2016, right neck dissection 12/9/2016
Third SCC tumor, diagnosed, 4/19/2108, rt submandibular mass, HPV-, IMRT w/ weekly Cisplatin, 5/9 - 6/25/2018, PEG 3 5/31/2018