Thanks for the kind words, All. A very nice doctor, who I'd never met before, pulled the tube early this morning. I got to look over his shoulder at my CT pictures, and there was the bumper, right in the abdominal wall. My oncology team is, even now, discussing who should put in a replacement tube since they don't like the type of tube used by the interventional radiology department (its small and rigid!).

It hurt like hell coming out, but the site feels much, much better tonight. I may never know what went wrong with it, but it is possible that it got pulled on slightly at some point. The good news was the hole through the stomach wall had clearly closed so there was nothing leaking into my abdominal cavity and there was no sign of infection.

All I can say now is, whatever they have to do to put in a new tube, I hope like the devil it isn't too painful.


Stage IV SCC lt lateral tongue, surgery 5/19/08 (partial gloss/upper neck dissection left side/radial free flap reconstruction) IMRT w/weekly Cisplatin & Erbitux 6/30/08, PEG 1 6/12/08 - out 7/14 (in abdominal wall, not stomach), PEG 2 7/23/08 - out 11/20/08, Tx done 8/18/08
Second SCC tumor, Stage 1, rt mobile tongue, removed 10/18/2016, right neck dissection 12/9/2016
Third SCC tumor, diagnosed, 4/19/2108, rt submandibular mass, HPV-, IMRT w/ weekly Cisplatin, 5/9 - 6/25/2018, PEG 3 5/31/2018