Thanks for the concern, Don. No word yet on what comes next in my tube drama. I am still eating and drinking by mouth, but my throat and mouth get increasingly sore every day, so I'm sure something will have to happen soon.

I am glad to hear that your tube is working fine. It is kind of freaky isn't it? Having that thing hanging out there.

I'll let you know what happens next smile

Stage IV SCC lt lateral tongue, surgery 5/19/08 (partial gloss/upper neck dissection left side/radial free flap reconstruction) IMRT w/weekly Cisplatin & Erbitux 6/30/08, PEG 1 6/12/08 - out 7/14 (in abdominal wall, not stomach), PEG 2 7/23/08 - out 11/20/08, Tx done 8/18/08
Second SCC tumor, Stage 1, rt mobile tongue, removed 10/18/2016, right neck dissection 12/9/2016
Third SCC tumor, diagnosed, 4/19/2108, rt submandibular mass, HPV-, IMRT w/ weekly Cisplatin, 5/9 - 6/25/2018, PEG 3 5/31/2018