It looks like you are slightly two weeks ahead of me.
Were you using any canned nutrient yet, or just water?

I think tomorrow they want to get me using a can a day to make sure I am handling it OK before I need it.

So far I have squirted the water in with the syringe plunger (not just poured it in). Still real queezy about it.

Is everything else with you chemo/RT going ok so far?

TXN2bM0 Stage IVa SCC-Occult Primary
FNA 6/6/08-SCC in node<2cm
PET/CT 6/19/08-SCC in 2nd node<1cm
HiRes CT 6/21/08
Exploratory,Tonsillectomy(benign),Right SND 6/23/08
PEG 7/3/08-11/6/08
35 TomoTherapy 7/16/08-9/04/08 No Chemo
Clear PET/CT 11/15/08, 5/15/09, 5/28/10, 7/8/11