Margaret, the thinned yogurt is a good idea or you can use kefir which has a lot of the same cultures that are good for digestion. Most of the time I was entirely dependent on the tube for my nutrition, I always added a couple of glasses of fruit/veggie juices each day. Actually I usually had one veggie a day like v8 or carrot juice or this green veggie blend of stuff they sell at the local helth food store and one of fruit. It may have just been a placebo effect but I swear I felt better having those than just the jevity by itself. Of course, if you are having nausea from other things such as chemo, the jiuces may be hard in terms of that.

Glad you have managed to cross over to the tube-you'll cross back soon, don't worry.


SCC(T2N0M0) part.glossectomy & neck dissect 2/9/05 & 2/25/05.33 IMRT(66 Gy),2 Cisplatin ended 06/03/05.Stage I breast cancer treated 2/05-11/05.Surgery to remove esophageal stricture 07/06, still having dilatations to keep esophagus open.Dysphagia. "When you're going through hell, keep going"