Like Brian, I'm a 15 year survivor and have all the issues that Brian spelled out ---- acute xerostomia, dysphasia, carotid artery stenosis from radiation induced scar tissue, esophageal stenosis, loss of ability to control the right side of my face and mouth, bario-reflex disfunction, sleep apnea from mucous secretions, plus a few more -- hearing loss and speech impairment.

Yes, there should be physician specialist/consultant support for us long-term survivors, practitioners who know what the issues are. This is sadly lacking. Over the course of my 15 year survival, I've had to fight to communicate my issues. At times I've had to find answers to my issues only through my own research. Some doctors were totally uninterested in hearing that my issues were related to the treatments to my cancer.

Like Brian, I am grateful to be alive. Best of health and happiness to everyone.