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I am curious about your boot camp. Where was it. This is what I have been looking for but my SLP says if I am not aspirating all the team nothing can be done.

The baroreceptors are sensors in arteries, veins, etc. that relay information to the brain. Veins are actually smooth muscles. Compromised nerves, brain stem damage from fibrosis can affect the entire baroreceptor reflex response by increasing or decreasing the blood flow/pressure beyond what is necessary or a reduced nerve signal response by the autonomic nervous system.

Radiation can damage any muscle in the body by restricting blood flow are scarring in the nerve casing. These along with myelitis, inflammation of the spinal cord, are the main causes for most neuromuscular problems we face lifelong. Muscle weakness whether eating, breathing, voluntary or involuntary movements is caused by vascular, nerve myelin damage or myelitis reasons.

A very key piece is the nerve sheath is a fatty layer around the nerve. One theory is it gets burned up during radiation and the body floods the area with cortisol and scar tissue. Low fat or no fat after treatment can easily exacerbate symptoms.


SCC Stage IV, BOT, T2N2bM0
Cisplatin/5FU x 3, 40 days radiation
Diagnosis 07/21/03 tx completed 10/08/03
Post Radiation Lower Motor Neuron Syndrome 3/08.
Cervical Spinal Stenosis 01/11
Cervical Myelitis 09/12
Thoracic Paraplegia 10/12
Dysautonomia 11/12
Hospice care 09/12-01/13.
COPD 01/14
Intermittent CHF 6/15
Feeding tube NPO 03/16
VFI 12/2016
ORN 12/2017
Cardiac Event 06/2018
Bilateral VFI 01/2021
Thoracotomy Bilobectomy 01/2022
Bilateral VFI 05/2022
Total Laryngectomy 01/2023