I really appreciate this new forum, too, as my husband is having a number of issues that are results of radiation and subsequent surgeries (no recurrent cancers). Once you get through the 5th year, you are somewhat on your own. For those who have the good fortune of being long time survivors, finding solutions to these issues is frustrating. This is new territory for many doctors.

It will be helpful to learn about others and how they cope and also have some ideas on what MIGHT be on the horizon. Thanks for starting this, Brian!

Anita (68)
CG to husband, Clark, 79,
DX SCC 11/07, T4N0Mx, PEG 1/08, RAD, post rad infection 3/08,
HBOT 40 dives, ORN, Surg 11/09 mandibulectomy w/fibular graft.
Plastic Surg 4/10, 12/10, 3/11, 10/11, 4/12, 10/12. All PETS clear,
PEG out 1/11. 6/11 non union jaw fracture
Fractured jaw w/surgery 7/14
Aspiration pneumonia 7/21, 10/22
PEG 7/21
Botox injections