Thank you so much for this new forum, and THANK YOU for the information about blood pressure. My doctor and I have been stymied as my blood pressure has gone down while my weight has gone up (slightly), and my activity level has remained static.

In 2004 I had "old style" radiation to the left side of my head/neck, and in Jan 2008 I had IMRT to the right side.

I am alive. I am very very thankful and now that I am 5 years out from my second cancer - 9 years from my first, I am feeling as well as I ever have and am working at 'moving on past this' but the side effects keep me in the cancer realm.

I very much look forward to participating in this lucky forum (perhaps the name of the new Forum could contain a word to indicate how lucky we are).

I have copied the article about B.P. and sent it to my doctor. At this point I am taking about 1/2 of the b.p. medication that I was about 3 years ago and we had no idea why. THANK YOU FOR THIS. I don't know what we will do with this and how to proceed from here but it is great to get a handle on the WHY and to know this is a relatively common side effect for the fortunate ones.


Donna,69, SCC L Tongue T2N1MO Stg IV 4/04 w/partial gloss;32 radtx; T2N2M0 Stg IV; R tongue-2nd partial gloss w/graft 10/07; 30 radtx/2 cispl 2/08. 3rd Oral Cancer surgery 1/22 - Stage 1. 2022 surgery eliminated swallowing and bottom left jaw. Now a “Tubie for Life”.no food envy - Thank God! Surviving isn't easy!!!! .Proudly Canadian - YES, UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE IS WONDERFUL! (Not perfect but definitely WONDERFUL)