One caution I might throw out there is use definitions for medical terms for those of us without the medical background. I know I have issues but am not at all sure what the doc's would call it (or what you just described you have issues with). If you include definitions we may recognize our issues and hopefully explain to the doctors what we may have, too.

My biggest help through the last few years was going through a "Swallowing Boot Camp." I thought I needed my throat dialated again but what was happening was food was getting caught up on a shelf in the back of my throat. By working on strengthening my tongue muscles and forcing swallowing by not relying as much on washing down my food I was able to work around this issue on some foods. Over the 11 + years and washing my food down with water my muscles were not as strong. I no longer panic that I may be chocking and work on forcing my muscles to work harder. Took some of the fear away and one less surgery. - Kris

SCC Stage IV left tonsil neck disection 3/02 radiation finished 6/02 chemo finished 9/02
Stage 2A left breast cancer 3/09, chemo and radiation, finished treatment 2/7/10 -Stage 2 right beast cancer 10/14 chemo and radiation
Every day is still a gift :-)