Re the Baroreflex dysfunction. This hit home as it must be what Bill is dealing with. We have had every test to make sure it is not something else and nothing has been conclusive. Glad to know that there may be an explanation since his symptoms follow exactly the known results of the baroreflex failure/dysfunction. Of course, none of his physicians have brought it up.

Thank you Brian and OCF...once again you are my resource and support system.

Deb..caregiver to husband, age 63 at diagnosis, former smoker who quit in 1997.
DIAGNOSIS: 6/26/07 SCC right tonsil/BOT T4N0M0
TREATMENT START: 8/9/07 cisplatin/taxol X 7..IMRT twice daily X 31.5.
PEG OUT: 1/08
PORT OUT: 4/09
FOLLOWUP: Now only annual exams. ALL CLEAR!

Passed away 1/7/17 RIP Bill