Thank you, Brian. This new forum will be an excellent resource and "shoulder." I think that newly diagnosed patients and those who have completed treatment in the past several years will also benefit from long term survivor stories.

I too am thrilled to be here now to share, but in retrospect I do wish I had pushed my RO to discuss potential long term effects of my radiation. When I asked about long term effects I was stopped short by his answer, "We're here to save your life." That he did and I am forever grateful, but that does not negate the challenges of living now with the long term effects. Had I known then what I know now, I would have moved forward with treatment and started research into how I might forestall future radiation-caused maladies. I do know that many, if not all, effects might have occurred anyway, but I would feel better now to know that I had done all I could or was willing to do to prevent their occurrence.

I look forward to participating.

Be well. Zenda
12/04 SCC Tonsil, Stage IV T3N2BM0. Mod RND, resect right oropharynx, free-flap, resect right tongue base. Erbitux,Docetaxel,RT X 33. 6/08 Mets lung, hilar lymph node:Carboplatin, Docetaxel. 2010 2nd clinical trial:lung clear, node stable. ORN,trismus,dysphagia. 8-10/2012 cryoablation,brachytherapy,cyberknife to lymph node. 12/12 NED. 6/13 Mets RLL lung: 8/13 cyberknife. 11/13 NED.