Thanks Uptown, Yes, I am trying to get more info. The concern here is the amount of radiation to jaw bone. At least that is what I am getting and scraping the bone to clean the area. Don't worry the one thing that this Cancer has taught me is to do my own thinking and research. My Dentist has consulted with another Cancer Dr. and they say to go in and clean.

Thanks for your input!

2004 SCC R.tip 1/4 tongue Oct. 2005 R. Neck SCC cancer/Chemo Cisplatin 2x/8wks. Rad. Removed Jugular vein, Lymph gland & some neck muscle. TX finished 1/20/06... B.Cancer 3/29/07 Finished 6/07 Bi-op 7/15/09 SCC in-situ, laser surgery removed from 1st. sight. Right jaw replacement 11/3/14. 9 yrs cancer free as of Jan. 2015