I am so happy to have this forum. I am three years post-treatment, living with daily reminders of my cancer. My oncologist has also reminded me (when I tell him about side-effects) that I am alive after all. And I know that, but dry mouth, limited mouth opening, one paralyzed vocal chord, occasional thrush, more than occasional mouth sores…these things take their toll. This site was tremendously helpful to me when I was going through treatment, so I am certain it will help with these long-term issues. Thanks, Michelle

SCC left tonsil, stage IV, HPV+, metastatic to one lymph node. Biopsy 12/23/10; tonsillectomy 1/13/11; DX 1/25/11; Peg in 1/28/11. Peg out 6/29. TX 1/31/11-3/21/11: 35 IMRT plus 3 Cisplatin. Pet-Scan 6/20/11 = CLEAR! Three years out, learning to live with the long-term side effects of radiation while reminding myself to feel blessed.