Thanks for creating this forum. My husband is an almost 7 year survivor of stage 4 oral cancer. He underwent surgery to remove a neck tumor, radiation and chemotherapy. At my husbands annual exam and blood test we were informed that he is deficient in Vitamin D. He immediately started the oral Vitamin D otc as recommended by his Dr (general practicioner). The next blood test continued to register the Vitamin D defeciency. His Dr put him on a once a week Vit D2 50,000 units tablet and he will have another blood test after 4 weeks of this. My husband is a very healthy eater, gets plenty of sunshine and exercise and we can't understand the vitamin D issue. Has any other survivor experienced this?

48 year old caregiver to husband Rob, Nonsmoker,nondrinker and a past survivor of recurrent head and neck cancer. 3/2007 DX T2 N2b MX stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of oral Cavity. Tx right side neck dissection, radiation and chemotherapy completed August 2007.