Yep, my mom can relate to blood pressure issues and faintness. She's been dealing with that for about four years. Swallowing, burning mouth and dental issues due to radiation are chronic, nerve and hearing problems from chemo are prominent and the latest issues include speech problems and an inability to eat orally resulting from a partial glossectomy. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it sucks...but my mom has a life that she is grateful for and I'm thankful to still have her.

No question it's an arduous road, but, as noted, the option was to not be here. As a result of your battle, Brian, you've created a wonderful organization that's helped thousands. That's a pretty amazing thing. Thank you.

Mom's caregvr. DDS failed to dx 01/03. Dx Stg IV SCC 05/03. Induct. chemo, IMRT, 5FU, H, Iressa, Neck disect, radiation. Dad's caregvr. Dx 01/04 Ext. Stg SCLC. Mets to liver/bone 08/04. Died 11/12/04. Mom tongue CA dx 06/13, hemiglossectomy (80% removed) 08/13. Clean margins and nodes, but PNI. 6/15/15: Tongue CA at base of remnant tongue. Declined further tx; hospice.
Died 10/13/15. What a long and difficult journey.