I just end week number three of a six week radiation only treatment for base of Tongue cancer. It has become almost - no lets say it has become impossible to swallow anything solid. I have not had solid food now for about 5 days. I am living on either McDonalds milkshakes or DQ milkshakes with Protein added.

I have not lost more than about 6 lbs so far but expect the weight loss will begin to happen faster over the next two weeks unless I can get more of these shakes down.

The pain in my mouth is not that great, just the swelling from the throat makes it difficult. I don't know if this is because I have been having acupuncture through this process two to three times a week since the beginning of my treatments. I went on Saturday to have a acupuncture session, she seemed to have stopped the discomfort at the roof of my mouth, and gave me two pressure points in my ears to squeeze 4 times a day for relief.

So what is the worst part of this at the end of week three , the thick saliva. It is gross and difficult to deal with. I can not swallow the large mucinex pills anymore, now I am using Wal-Tussin from Wall Greens. It has seemed to work except not as well this morning.

I have heard different stories on how long it takes for the throat to heal and extra thick Saliva to stop. I would not mind hearing how others have dealt this this and how long after treatment it will begin to subside.

BOT T2N0 Diagnose Confirmed December 7th
Treatment Start Radiation January 11th Last treatment applied February 19th 2016