Older post but there is certainly still some good information in here.

I also found it a bit strange that so many of the foods that I was encouraged to eat at the hospital when first getting out, and in the initial stages of recovery, was quite heavy in fat and sugar. I had to find a way to pile on the calories, so I'd eat a big honkin' milkshake every day. Lots of ice cream, then I'd add whatever I want to it. Sometimes just cocoa powder, sometimes fruit, sometimes peanut butter or coconut milk. But I'd always add a scoop of whey protein powder.

Soups are pretty easy to eat too, but so many of them are so high in sodium. Thankfully I had a teammate on my dragonboat team that used to be a chef, so when I first got home from my surgery, he had made batches of four different soups, and put them into some freezable containers. It was a very nice thing for someone to do.

One thing I did find useful was to make my own juice. I had bought a masticating juicer even before my diagnosis, in an attempt to find a way to increase my vegetable intake. It's sometimes tough to eat enough vegetables the regular "old fashioned" way. I found that having a nice green juice every second day or so helped me feel better. Something with some kale, cucumber, celery, an apple, etc. Sometimes I'd add some carrot, beet, lemon or ginger to switch it up a bit, or trade out pear for the apple.

Dx 2014Jan29 (42 yr old otherwise fit nonsmoker)
SCC tongue stage III T3N0M0
subtotal glossectomy, partial neck dissection, RFFF, trach, NG tube 2014Feb25 16 days in hospital
RAD 25 zaps 2014May5-2014Jun9
Back to work, paddling & hiking shortly afterwards