I have a 400 lb very short aunt that eats fast foods primarily. Her cholesterol is 125, triglycerides 90. It is more proof that every one of us are unique. Monitoring cholesterol and bp is a good thing for anyone to do as it shows how the body is processing things. What I call "lifestyle" drugs to help these only makes the problem with a crutch, in my opinion. Aerobic exercise is not always possible but helps as does high fiber...as does protein, provided the body processes it well. After chemo and radiation almost all rules became confusing as the body is in a fight for life trying to figure out what that toxicity introduced really is and how to regulate it while protecting the body.

I think all of us (hand raised very high) determines what works best for us and wants others to do it too since it worked. The point of sharing this is to merely give a starting point to which we should adjust based on blood tests and personal experiences. If I can sit down and shut up about water...we should all not take it personally! What works for one may not work for any let alone all.

If I challenge you on something it is not to say you are wrong or I am right. It is to say check this out, try and find a way to measure it and keep on keeping on.

I have had many friends get into some type of weight training at a later point in life and in the 80's it was all about protein. I saw many of them with pancreatitis because they were having protein shakes in excess. Most of them are diabetic, Type I or II and some have gone from pancreatic cancer. Was it the whey? We will never know. They should have had blood tests done to measure digestive enzymes earlier. That much I believe but I will never know. Excess bile, abdominal pain in the center or upper right quadrant are signs something is wrong with the liver, pancreas or gall bladder.

Just find what works, find a measurement and keep doing what improves your health.


SCC Stage IV
BOT primary
Cisplatin/5FU x 3
40 days radiation at 4 sites
Diagnosis 07/21/03 tx completed 10/08/03
Post Radiation Lower Motor Neuron Syndrome 3/08.
Cervical Spinal Stenosis 01/11
Cervical Myelitis 09/12
Thoracic Paraplegia 10/12
Dysautonomia 11/12
Hospice care 09/12-01/13.
PLS 02/13
COPD 01/14
Intermittent CHF 6/15
Feeding tube NPO 03/16
VFI 12/2016
ORN 12/
Osteoporosis 01/2018
Heart attack 06_2018

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