Did anyone manage to follow an anti-cancer diet during treatment? I'd like to minimize dairy and avoid meat and added sugar. I'm not sure how realistic that will be when calorie- and protein-dense liquids are all I can manage.

Just to be totally contrary by the way, I plan a blow-out at the best steak joint in the City before treatment. smile Trismus will have me cutting my filet into itsy bits, and it will take me 2 hours to eat, but I'll wash it down with a fine Pinot and no regrets.

T3N2aM0 HPV+
5/26/13 discovered painless superball-sized lymph node in neck
6/26/13 DX SCC R palatine tonsil
7/16/13 TORS tonsillectomy & selective ND, mets to 2 nodes
9/3/13 Cisplatin and rads begin, tolerated 1.5 of 3 planned chemo doses
10/16/13 Treatment ends
Dec 13 Ulcer appears at surgery site
Jan 17 Biopsy -- no cancer!
Feb 17 CT/PET Scan lights up tonsil bed & nasal cavity, docs say probably inflammation, don't panic, rescan when ulcer subsides