[quote=Uptown]the beer study[/quote]

Four months post Tx I started my own study. 1st test was Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. No pain and an absolutely amazing taste. I had two just to be sure my data was accurate. A huge improvement in mood and spirit was aptly documented.


Cardiac bypass 11/07
Cardiac stents 10/2012
Dx'd 11/30/2012 Tx N2b MO Stage IV HPV+
Palatine Tonsillectomy/Biopsies 12-21-12
Selective Neck Dissection/Lingual Tonsillectomy/biopsies TORS 2/7/13
Emergency Surgery/Bleeding 2/18/13
3/13/2013 30rads/6chemo
Finished Tx 4/24/13
NED Since