I'm with you on that Cheryl. I am very fortunate in that I am currently able to get almost all of my nutrition through food. I have eaten a lot of soy products for well over 50 years and that plays a role as well. Likewise, I was raised on MSG and for Asians, it would be hard to say it reduces the ability to learn as children as many studies suggest.

I used to make all my sky milk and tofu from organic soybeans for many years. I just don't have the time or money these days.

The hormone warnings are primarily for males because of the "estrogen" effect but it really has to be in significant high volumes. The benefit for women may be a good thing.

Sudden introduction of anything new to the body can have deleterious affects. I know of a lady that decided to listen to everyone telling her to drink more water one day. From noon to 7 pm she died from over consumption of water. Who would have imagined that?? It wasn't gallons either.

SCC Stage IV
BOT primary
Cisplatin/5FU x 3
40 days radiation at 4 sites
Diagnosis 07/21/03 tx completed 10/08/03
Post Radiation Lower Motor Neuron Syndrome 3/08.
Cervical Spinal Stenosis 01/11
Cervical Myelitis 09/12
Thoracic Paraplegia 10/12
Dysautonomia 11/12
Hospice care 09/12-01/13.
PLS 02/13
COPD 01/14
Intermittent CHF 6/15
Feeding tube NPO 03/16
VFI 12/2016
ORN 12/
Osteoporosis 01/2018
Heart attack 06_2018

Living life LARGE with no quit in this guy!