It's so easy to get "peg dependent". I did, it was easier to pour
nutrition into my peg and there was no hunger pangs, just full all the time. I could have eaten sooner, it just gets easier, hard to explain.
Its def a PULL when they pull it out and mine took way longer than
one day to heal. I can't look at blood and gore-so I didn't look but just touched or my husband helped me change bandage. But I
would not drink a soft drink of any kind afterward. Other than that
it was not hard atol except for thinking of the pain of the pull, which was over in a second-then a big smile!!!

Partial mandibulectomy and neck dissection 2/3/07. T2NOMO.
Had 14 hour operation which included reconstruction of jaw.
Reconstruction failed. Some radiation, no chemo.