Post treatment I was drinking 4-6 cans of carnation vhc a day. I substituted the lunch feeding with cream soup and pudding. I did this for a while and then substituted supper feedings with regular food. I can't remember how long I did this, but I do remember I had to retrain myself on how to swallow. It was difficult at first and I was afraid of swallowing, but I did it slowly and with small bites. Eventually I was eating frozen dinners with lot of gravey and mashed potatoes and pastas.

When the Dr pulled the peg tube, I lost 18 pounds of the next couple of months as I had no appetite and changed my diet. As the others said before, I had to experiment with differetn types of foods to see what worked and what tasted good with my new sense of taste. Also, I was drinking a sip of water with every bite of food to help the swallowing. I was getting full quicker on the water.

SCC T4N1M0 left side tongue & 1 node
Dx 05/21/07 42 yrs old
40 Tx IMRT @ 70 Gy started 06/25/07
Cysplatin & 5fu 1st & 4th wks
treatment ended 08/23/07