His radiation oncologist called today to say that because the surgeon got clear margins they werent going to recommend more radiation. She said that he is at a high risk for recurrence and that he will need to be followed really closely. If it comes back, she said the treatments available will be further surgery or chemo for palliative care. Again, she said that the survivorship is very low.

I got her call right after I left a meeting where I found out I am being laid off tomorrow, so I couldn't even process. I am glad he doesnt need to go through another horrible treatment, but am very worried it will recur again.

I want to puke.

Dad was diagnosed 2/28/18 w Stage 4, N0 Verrucous carcinoma (VC) an uncommon variant of SSC
Mandibulectomy and free-flap reconstruction 5/30/18
Diagnosis changed to SSC.
Began treatment of 30 rads and 5 Cisplatin Cycles on 7/18/18
Decided not to do any more Cisplatin after the first one.
Finished treatment on 8/31/18.
3.19 Abscess & Recurrence wide mouth resection
4.16.19 Scapular Flap Reconstruction surgery
9.6.19 Clear CT!
8.6.20 Clear CT!