I’m sure they’re going to do the best they can. It’s just sometimes there may be some with difficult patients, different types cases. are usually more experienced in tgeae cases. It’s always good to get 2nd or even 3rd opinions without taking up too much time to choose. o w to be chose.

I’ve been turnedown for treatments a number of times, including that of the #2 rated hospital who is sometimes #1. Luckily, their not the only ones in this town, and can go anywhere!

I’m Cancer Free now after 10 years of cancer treatment

10/09 T1N2bM0 Tonsil
11/09 Taxo Cisp 5-FU, 6 Months Hosp
01/11 35 IMRT 70Gy 7 Wks
06/11 30 HBO
08/11 RND PNI
08/12 RND Pec Flap IORT 12 Gy
10/12 25 IMRT 50Gy 6 Wks Taxo Erbitux
10/13 SND
10/13 TBO/Angiograph
10/13 RND Carotid Remove IORT 10Gy PNI
12/13 25 Protons 50Gy 6 Wks Carbo
11/14 All Teeth Extract 30 HBO
03/15 Sequestromy Buccal Flap ORN
09/16 Mandibulectomy Fib Flap Sternotomy
04/17 Regraft hypergranulation Donor Site
06/17 Heart Attack Stent
02/19 Finally Cancer Free Took 10 yrs