I’m sorry that your dad’s doctor was not more sensitive in discussing his treatment. Personally, I always remind myself that the prognosis is at best an educated guess and many things may happen that may change it. Like my husband’s RO said one time, if we were told that 2 out of 10 patients had problems with a particular treatment, before getting upset, we needed to remember that 8 out of 10 patients did not get a problem. I’m not entirely sure what your doctor really meant by 30% of patients are still around after 2 years, etc. What was she saying about the other 70%?

Maybe you could further explore the possibility of getting your dad another kind of chemo (immunotherapy is a kind of Chemo) or the chance of his being accepted for a clinical trial. Keep talking to the doctors and express your dad’s willingness to continue with treatment. What you can do now for your dad is to advocate for him and get him the kinds of help that he needs.

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