It was really upsetting. In fact, it makes me wonder if she knows what she's talking about. She hasn't gotten all the information from his surgeon yet. Why is she assuming he's going to die? It really took the wind out of his sails, too, and he has been struggling as it is to be upbeat with the loss of income, the pain, the quality of life he has lost so far, etc. I'm angry today about it, but still scared.

She is supposed to call with her recommendations. I just don't understand. His surgeon asked if we wanted to meet with his medical and radiation oncologist before we went home, but said it's something they do whenever someone has a recurrence and that he would be surprised if they recommended anything, except perhaps an experimental treatment like immunotherapy. He said he couldn't speak for his oncology team but he said they would likely not advise re-radiation (or re-irradiation... not sure the right term) because it was a small tumor, clear margins, no lymph nodes involved and they caught it super early and were really aggressive removing even the dysplasia.

What would you do if this was you? Should I hear what she says and seek a second opinion? I am worried because it has been 4 weeks since surgery. There's got to be a window of time to decide what to do...

Dad was diagnosed 2/28/18 w Stage 4, N0 Verrucous carcinoma (VC) an uncommon variant of SSC
Mandibulectomy and free-flap reconstruction 5/30/18
Diagnosis changed to SSC.
Began treatment of 30 rads and 5 Cisplatin Cycles on 7/18/18
Decided not to do any more Cisplatin after the first one.
Finished treatment on 8/31/18.
3.19 Abscess & Recurrence wide mouth resection
4.16.19 Scapular Flap Reconstruction surgery
9.6.19 Clear CT!
8.6.20 Clear CT!