I'm 10 weeks post-surgery and I do think of every bump and sore in my mouth as a cancer reocurrance. I can't tell my family this as they alreay think I'm going to choke to death (my husband listens out for every sound I make, it means I can't always relax when I eat or drink near him). So I agree that it's like having cancer PSTD.

F 39 x-smoker, rare drink
T4aN1/N2bM0 SCC L lateral tongue &10mm into R
Diagnosed May 20th '19
Pembro trial 5th July '19 2 doses pre-surg 15 post surg
R.I.G fitted 9th Aug '19
Surgery 13th Aug '19 glossectomy neck dissection RFFR
33 doses RT 17th Sept '19
2x cispltin