Hi Everyone,
Just thought I'd come say hi. I'm feeling anxious for no good reason. Dad's face seemed a little red today, and though its probably nothing, I cant shake the feeling like maybe its the cancer back again, or an infection, or bone deterioration or something horrible. I feel like things have been quiet for too long. I know that dad has very sensitive skin and sometimes new laundry soap or something he ate will cause a little redness. Do you guys still experience the perpetual stress that the other shoe is about to drop?

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Dad was diagnosed 2/28/18 w Stage 4, N0 Verrucous carcinoma (VC) an uncommon variant of SSC
Mandibulectomy and free-flap reconstruction 5/30/18
Diagnosis changed to SSC.
Began treatment of 30 rads and 5 Cisplatin Cycles on 7/18/18
Decided not to do any more Cisplatin after the first one.
Finished treatment on 8/31/18.
3.19 Abscess & Recurrence wide mouth resection
4.16.19 Scapular Flap Reconstruction surgery
9.6.19 Clear CT!
8.6.20 Clear CT!