So, we went to see his radiation oncologist today for an appointment after his recurrance and second surgery. She scared us woth prognosis and survivorship numbers. She said something like 30% of the people who have recurrance so quickly are still alive in 2 years and that we need to be followed closely for the next few years. It was an odd way to word it and, of course, it made me cry. I tried to tell dad that I think what she meant was that what happens in the next two years is really important to what the prognosis will be, but of course, he heard "you have 2 years to live." She's waiting to hear from some other head and neck oncologists to see if she'll recommend more radiation, which she doesn't want to, or what. His surgeon seemed really optimistic last month and quite sure they weren't going to recommend any additional treatment, so this was unexpected.

Dad was diagnosed 2/28/18 w Stage 4, N0 Verrucous carcinoma (VC) an uncommon variant of SSC
Mandibulectomy and free-flap reconstruction 5/30/18
Diagnosis changed to SSC.
Began treatment of 30 rads and 5 Cisplatin Cycles on 7/18/18
Decided not to do any more Cisplatin after the first one.
Finished treatment on 8/31/18.
3.19 Abscess & Recurrence wide mouth resection
4.16.19 Scapular Flap Reconstruction surgery
9.6.19 Clear CT!
8.6.20 Clear CT!