Please get a swallow study done. I have also used a feeding tube for all my nutrition for over two years. Yes, I do miss the enjoyment of eating but not the fear of choking to death as I was doing. It is a very easy quick test that reveals much about the complex process that goes into swallowing. By not taking in enough liquids or nutrition you are harming your body and will begin to have serious health issues. It is not a pretty site. I speak as one who has "been there."

Sept 2002 Rt breast cancer no chemo or radiation.
March 2015 Rt tonsil cancer - walnut size lump rt side neck.
March 2015 Scan, biopsy confirm
March 2015 Port, G tube placed, 10 teeth removed.
July 2015 completed 5 chemo/35 radiations
Sept 2015 Cat Scan all clear
July 2016 G tube, port still in place
Ive had Thyroid "graves disease" and Lupus for many years.
4 kidney stone surgeries past 3 mo with over 100 stones still there !

*** Update... Jo passed away 12/20/17 ... RIP Jo ***