Hi Everybody. I'm 20 years out and its both reassuring and somewhat glum that I've just now hooking in a community that both understands my suffering, as well as crossing milestones in the progression of Radiation Exposure Disease. I myself also was forced in a liquid only diet about 3 years ago. It changed my life, made it smaller. Michaelii, you did share an interesting paper on the Swallowing Degradation, but it only said "Novel Approaches are needed" .. Which is to say, they should relax clinical trail restrictions, for our sakes. We need help!

1999 rt Tonsil/Squamous Cancer, T1/N3/M0. Radical Neck Dissection, 5 1/2 weeks of Radiation. No Chemo.
2016 rt Carotid Occluded
2016 Liquid-Only Diet
2018 All Molars must be Extracted
?Fall 2018 Stent for lt Carotid