Michael, I feel your pain, on a diced food diet and swallowing exercises since 2015, and very confused right now cause I passed the barium swallow study but failed an esophageal Motility Manometry Test which shows that my Throat, esophagus and sphincter to hold the food down is not working well and is very weak. So I am waiting for further advise from my local GI doctor and will be asking about a second opinion if I don't like what I hear. Keep the faith, our cancer is truly a hard road to bear.

SCC 2005 floor of mouth and neck disection
SCC 2009 partial rt tongue RAD
PEG 2009
20 HBO treatments following surgery of three teeth and 10 more HBO to follow
2015 Diced food diet due to weak muscles long term effects of radiation
2018 Radiation Fibrosis of the jaw and neck, vocal cord dysfunction