Don't wait for another choking event. Make an appointment with your ENT and have them follow up with a swallow test......Only after that will they and you understand what is happening during your swallowing process.

There are worse things than being on a pump for nutrition intake. (Three plus years for me personally.) Food is hard to give up. That's just a fact you may have to deal with in exchange for long term health.

Good Luck

1997 SCC Tumor on tongue - Partial Glossectomy
1997 Met to Lymph
Radical Neck Dissection / 2nd Partial Glossectomy
6 weeks chemo and radiation
2011 Stroke
2014 Recurrence SCC at Base of Tongue / Hemi-glossectomy
Free Flap reconstruction from thigh
PEG Tube inserted
6 weeks radiation
Pump Feed
Permanent Issues with speech and swallowing
2018 - Bleeding from throat / mouth
2019 - Bleeding from throat / mouth
2019 - 3rd diagnosis Cancer SCC Base of mouth / jawbone