ChristineB et al First of all, I am really connecting with everything said here. I feel like I'm at home. And yes, I'm inspired, because, for starters, knowledge is power! Thanks everyone for sharing. ChristineB, I'm 20 years out from Rad, and I was forced in to my liquid diet, just 3 years ago, which seems late from the average here. But can I share with you all, a story of maximizing the parts of your body and mind that we're not radiated? Positive energy may just prolong all these inevitable Rad side effects.

ChristineB interesting observation about those possibly having new clinical data that could addressing our deteriorating throat functions. I'm quite motivated to pursue any avenues for treatment.

1999 rt Tonsil/Squamous Cancer, T1/N3/M0. Radical Neck Dissection, 5 1/2 weeks of Radiation. No Chemo.
2016 rt Carotid Occluded
2016 Liquid-Only Diet
2018 All Molars must be Extracted
?Fall 2018 Stent for lt Carotid