So there is no treatment? (besides physical therapy with a 66%+ failure (PEG tube) rate?)

This is very disturbing and when coupled with the carotid damage makes me realize the "cure" to the cancer just gave me borrowed time.

I wish there was some hope for new treatment development, like stemcell etc.

Michael | 45 Male | SCC | Right Tonsil | Dx'd: 06-10-05 | STAGE IV, T3N2bM0 | 3 Nodes Right Side | MRND & Radical Tonsillectomy 06/29/05 Dr Fee/Stanford | 8 weeks Radiation/Chemo started August 15th at Sloan-Kettering, NY | Treatment Ended: 09-27-05 | Cancer free at 10+ YEARS | Lingering After-Effects of Tx: Thyroid function is zero, good salivary function, terrible tinnitus, some scars & neck/face asymmetry, gastric reflux. 2017 swallowing challenges & radiation damage to carotid arteries.