It's never been the same - since surgery, chemo & radiation 12 years ago, I've never really been able to swallow quite the same.

I've just "learned" to live with it as a lingering side-effect, and frankly am so grateful to be alive, hated to even bring it up to anyone.

As I approach the 12 year anniversary in a couple days, I have noticed over the last several months an increasing difficulty swallowing, especially when I eat.

I feel like I've been blessed with near normal (or better?) saliva function post treatment - many of my friends who had treatment aren't as fortunate.

Anyway, it's been getting progressively worse to the point that at least twice in the last 4 months I've nearly choked to death - being unable to swallow or breathe.

Both times, I've managed to save myself after what seems like minutes (likely several seconds) of being unable to breathe. Each time, my partner nearby was getting ready to help.

Any advice?

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