Paul, do you have dentures, or have you managed without? Still working on this no-tooth thing. (Not to derail this thread, just wondering.)

And the notes on CPR training for friends and family, and self-care ... spot on. I teach even my littlest Scouts about some of those techniques, so they can know how to help folks larger than they are ... they may not remember it all, but at least they won't panic so quickly and have time to get help. Thanks for reminding us that it's not just for other folks! My refresher course (requirement for leadership) is due and that'll be a good incentive.

Surgery 5/31/13
Tongue lesion, right side
SCC, HPV+, poorly differentiated
T1N0 based on biopsy and scan
Selective neck dissection 8/27/13, clear nodes
12/2/13 follow-up with concerns
12/3/13 biopsy, surgery, cancer returned
1/8/14 Port installed
PEG installed
Chemo and rads
2/14/14 halfway through carboplatin/taxotere and rads
March '14, Tx done, port out w/ complications, PEG out in June
2017: probable trigeminal neuralgia
Fall 2017: HBOT
Jan 18: oral surgery