Well I went back to my otolg yesterday. He said that he wants to put me under and do some investigative surgery on my nose and sinus, removing the polyp and sending it to the pathologist. He said that in his opinion "everything is cancer until proven otherwise" so he wants to rule out every possibility. He is concerned about the numbness in my teeth and the involvement of nerves altogether. There is a cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma that travels along the nerve paths. I really like this doctor, guys. He is very thorough and takes nothing for granted. Also, the MRI I got at the end of Nov was indeed of my neck and face/sinus. The report is fine but he said that these things don't always show in CTs and MRIs so he wants to be sure and the only way to do that is to directly inspect it. He is also sending me to an oral surgeon about my TMJ. Just wanted to let you guys know, if you are folling this at all, that I think about all of you constantly and am keeping you in my prayers. I think that God send me to this guy, I'm sure of it. I think that he is constantly at work and faith in him does wonders for your state of mind.