DAVEC - Thanks for your understanding.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I went to an Oral Surgeon last Thursday to get him to look at the bumps on the back of my tongue, where all of this seemed to originate. He concurred with all of the other docs I have seen and said that they were circumvelli papillae - large taste buds. I felt fairly confident as he gave it a good look and seems knowledgable. He also took a panoramic x-ray of my teeth and said that I have some major paradontal disease and need to have that taken care of immediately, as well as my wisdom teeth extracted. I also brought my CT scan slides with me and he took a breif look at them and told me, as Brian did that if there was a cancer of lymphatic tissue, it would light up in the CT scan. My concern is that the cancer I fear is in my throat, under my tonsils, not in lymphatic tissue and might not have been seen in the CT. Anyway, I am going tomorrow to an otolaryngologist and am pretty tense about it. My CBC came back fine, by the way. My bilirubin count was up which my doctor said could indicate a false negative on the mono test. He wants to get another mono test. I am most interested in what this specialist has to say. I will keep you guys posted. I had a particularly bad "flare-up" yesterday evening. I had had a pretty good day, just a faint feeling that "something was there". Same with Thursday and Friday. Then for about 2 hours my right jaw and the right side of my throat were in pain. Felt like pressure, that if I bit down hard enought it would releive the pressure but it didn't. Just as fast as it came, it eventually went away. Just out of curiousity, is this a common thing with a tumor? Would the pain come or go or be fairly constant? Does cancer flare up every now and then or is it a constantly progressing pain/discomfort?