Just wanted to check in. I apologise for not doing sooner. I had an MRI in Nov of the neck. Everything was clear there. I had about a month and a half of peace of mind. The past 3 weeks my nose, the same side as the problems, has been very numb, making my teeth numb at times. Not only that but my jaw has been getting progressively worse on that side as well. Started out as a little popping and cracking when I would chew at the start of the day. Now my jaw is sore and my teeth feel out of place and numb on that side, especially my upper teeth directly below my nostril. The funny think is that the pain in my throat/back and underneath of tongue intensifies when I make my jaw pop. So does the facial numbness. I'm making a return visit to the Otolaryngologist next tuesday. Hopefully he will do an MRI on my face/jaw asap. I had a CT of that area done in August and it was clear, except for deviated septum and nasal polyps. This tooth numbness is the weirdest sensation. It's sort of like when they spray the numbing solution in your nose prior to a direct laryngoscopy. I'll keep you posted.