Hi Adam:

I was struck when I read your earlier posts and honor the intense anxiety you are feeling but agree with Brian that trying to maintain perspective is important also. It truly sounds as though you are covering every conceivable base, and provided the health care providers are credible and have a comfort level diagnosing oral cancer, it does sound like no news is good news.

Most oral lesions take approximately 24-30 months to develop so a CT scan from a couple of months ago is still a valid study(as long as it is read by a credible radiologist).

You seem to have a variety of symptoms that may or may not be related and/or dangerous.They also sound like they could be related to infection, inlammation, trauma, or TMJ s/s among other things.

I do agree that it is scary to "find things" and worry what they are...my partner, Dave, is currently recovering from having a tonsillar lesion removed. Over the last couple of months, I have had many canker sores and breaks in my mouth and on my tongue which I think are the result of grinding and biting during sleep due to my major increased anxiety over Dave's situation. I do catch myself worrying frantically(and looking in the mirror) that it's "something" because of my heightened sensitivity toward oral cancer. I will ask my dentist when I go next week to take a look so I am prudent.

However, it is also important to choose and stick with practitioners you can trust and go in peace out of their office if they tell you that everything really does look okay.



*Stage III Right Tonsillar Ca. *Diagnosed Aug. 2002
*Surgery Sept.,Radiation Dec. 2002
*For everything else there's Mastercard.