Adam, Joe Nameth once said the scariest part about having pain is not knowing what's causing it. Sounds like that's what you are going through, and you've managed to focus on the possibility of having cancer.

Good thing from all this is that you've managed to uncover other things, like the deviated septum problem, etc.

After I read the part that there might be wisdom tooth problems, as well as periodontal issues, I immediatly went back to my own problems with my wisdom teeth and rememberd that some of the pain caused by the tooth showed up in totally odd places, and would start arguments between myself and my doc. Turns out there's a lot of nerves in that area, and the pain follows the nerve.

I know it's real difficult, but don't let the unknown cause you to loose sight of the big picture. Sounds like everyone has told you some pretty positive things so far. Keep the spirits up. Bob

SCC Tongue, stage IV diagnosed Sept, 2002, 1st radical neck dissection left side in Sept, followed by RAD/Chemo. Discovered spread to right side nodes March 2003, second radical neck dissection April, followed by more RAD/Chemo.