I'll leave you a longer post later, but in the meantime use the message board search engine and fine the posts on mucoceles (without the s at the end) This will likely give you some information about those little smooth round things that have come and gone in your mouth over the years. Also as far as exams go, getting your throat and larynx as well as the nasopharyngeal area examined with a scope is a pretty comprehensive exam. Most oral cancers will show up this way. Did you get any blood work done? A CBC will show up infections if that is what you are fighting. That poping noise is the articular disc in your TMJ...given your posts here, I would guess that you are also a bruxer...(tooth grinder) and over a period of years, the articular disc can become perforated causing that noise and eventually discomfort. I do it too. A night guard will prevent this from getting worse. More later.

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